Client Successes

Global Consulting Firm
- Enhanced the Sales and Consulting outcomes by developing a global L&D Architecture for new products.

Manufacturer - Enhanced quality outcomes by 17% and production by 15%, saved over $100M in compensation, and enhanced employee retention through development of quality improvement system and compensation system.

State Government - Enhanced Onboarding and Knowledge Management outcomes through an Organizational Assessment, realignment of L&D, and the deployment of a Structured Job Shadowing/Mentoring process.

National Financial Services Firm - Increased presence in US market by 400% through e-learning system approved by DOJ.

Medical Center - Reduced risks, increased retention of talent, and increased production through variety of Critical and SOP Succession Planning&Management activities and redesign of Performance Management system.

International Banking Firm - Enhanced Onboarding and Knowledge Management outcomes through the development of Job Performance Aids.