Employment and Labor Law to reduce risks and strengthen your organization.

Do you look at employment and labor laws as limiting what you can do?  Or do you take advantage of the benefits these laws afford?

Do you have 'loose cannons' on your management team?  Are you afraid you'll pay for what they say?

Are you unsure if your company is doing all it needs to do to ensure compliance and avoid liability?

Most organizations look at employment and labor laws as limiting what they can do.  And it's true that the laws are complicated and require diligence to reduce your liability risks.  However, employment and labor laws can also benefit your organization.  Considering a more diverse group of candidates can bring new skills and insights to the table and help you create a workforce that's more closely aligned with your ever-diversifying customer base.

ClearView offers a wide range of employee and labor law services, strategies, and solutions to help you comply with and take advantage of today's laws:

  • Coaching and training on best practices and risk reduction strategies.
  • Management methodologies for improving compliance (with FLSA, ADA, FMLA, and others) as well as production - learn what the laws help you do to build a more effective workforce.
  • Strategies for dealing with 'loose cannons' on your management team - make sure you don't pay for what they say.
  • Compliance audits and third party investigations that reduce your liabilities.
  • Curricula including Civil Rights and Employment & Labor Law for Management.

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