Onboarding Strategies to make the most of new talent.

Are you overlooking tools - such as subject matter experts, job performance aids, and strategic learning systems - that can help new talent get up to speed fast?

Do you know which skills are best to hire and which are best to train?

Does your onboarding strategy factor in emotional and social intelligence as well as technical competencies?

Many criteria facto into your company's ability to quickly realize the full value of new talent.  The process begins with hiring and recruiting strategies and encompasses all your organization does to get new employees up to speed fast.  From developing appropriate learning practices, to equipping your staff with the right job performance aids, to identifying the best subject matter experts to serve as mentors and coaches, ClearView helps you explore all aspects of successful onboarding so you can fully leverage new talent.

ClearView's onboarding strategies help your organization:

  • Align recruiting and hiring criteria and candidate assessment tools with available positions and your organization's strategic direction.
  • Determine which skills to hire and which to train.
  • Factor emotional and social intelligence (what people respond to) into candidate selection and learning and developmebt practices - it's not all about technical competencies.
  • Integrate subject matter experts with structured on the job training.
  • Take advantage of technology for efficiently monitoring and managing learning and development and employee knowledge.

In addition to coaching and training designed to teach onboarding best practices, ClearView's propriety software solutions can help coordinate and streamline your onboarding efforts.  Contact ClearView to discuss your needs today.