A more complete picture your staff's accomplishments.

Does your organization measure employees' performance all year long - or just before review time?

Are employees engaged in the performance review process?  Are they able to submit input?

Is performance data aligned with actual job skills?  Do you leverage the data for a clear view of people resources?  Is it tied into other talent strategies?

ClearView's performance management tools, systems, and strategies are designed to help management and leaders more completely and systematically measure performance all year long - and not just before review time.  We also help you better align performance data with actual job skills and impacts, making the information more meaningful and relevant to your organization's successes.

ClearView can recommend the right combination of coaching, training, tools, and software to allow your organization to:

  • More effectively and efficiently capture a wide range of performance data on all employees, all year long.
  • Better communicate performance information to employees.
  • Simplify and improve the review process.
  • Analyze and measure performance data and evaluate it against corporate objectives and performance plans.
  • Engage employees in the performance management process by allowing them to submit input.
  • Easily and efficiently give specific, constructive feedback on a daily basis using Feedback Made EasyTM.
  • Align rewards systems with performance strategies.
  • Integrate performance management with Human Capital TrackingTM systems and succession planning and management initiatives.

Learn how ClearView's unique new talent intelligence software, talegenceTM, can become a powerful tool in your performance management efforts.  Or contact ClearView for more information on coaching and training tools and strategies.