Welcome to ClearView's teamshare Hub

ClearView helps organizations create and consistently apply Management & Leadership values and practices that truly demonstrate the often expressed message, "people are our greatest asset."

teamshare Hub was designed to provide our clients with easily accessible and ongoing talent development opportunities including:
1.  Forums: Open or industry, function, and subject matter specific
2.  What If Mind Drills: To test/survey knowledge and provoke ongoing critical thinking
3.  Your Organization: Forums, Mind Drills and Learning &  Development notices that are specific to your organization
4.  Your Classes:
  • Classroom curricula related assignments: Pre, Post and Between classes
  • Classroom curricula related tools: Systems, Models, Process Diagrams, Checklists, Forms...

When these are combined with leadership modeling and reinforcement (e.g. reward systems), it results in reliable real world application of learning  & development.

talegence: a fully integrated Talent Management system.  Some of its capabilities include Human Capital Tracking, Performance Management, Recruiting&Hiring, Career Management and Succession Planning&Management.